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Falling in love with Swarovski earrings is easy. Having the chance to buy Swarovski earrings wholesale at very low prices is rare. Check out our fabulous collection here at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Everything from the colors to the design and motifs of our La Crystale earrings wholesale line speaks elegance, charm, and grace. Your customers will be lured by the sophisticated beauty of our Swarovski earrings. When you buy Swarovski earrings wholesale from us, you don't only buy classic luxury but quality products easy and comfortable to wear. Some feature a simple hook, some clasp with a ring but they are all made of 925 sterling silver. At our online store, you buy quality wholesale Swarovski earrings in various shapes, trends, sizes, and designs and pay such a small amount of money that will make a difference to your earnings tomorrow. Check out our collection today.  

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Hanging Horse - 925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Earrings SD32893

Silver Hanging Horse Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski®..

228 item(s) in stock

Snowflake - 925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Earrings SD32892

Silver Ear Hoop with Hanging Snowflake and Crystals from Swarovski®..

6 item(s) in stock

Wing - 925 Sterling Silver Swarovski Earrings SD32871

Silver Ear Hoop with Hanging Wing and Crystals from Swarovski®..

15 item(s) in stock