RingsDo you have an eye for jewelry & fashion? Want to learn all the teeny-weeny details that will help you be creative when it comes to “dressed to kill” outfits? Let us point the direction. Take a long journey with us to the hottest trends! Walk with us on each runway across the globe where a tsunami of ideas is set in motion. We Silver Jewelry brings the waves so that you can swim and not drown.

Why are we here for?

We are here to tell you what’s on the catwalk! To share ideas, trends and information about jewelry & fashion and how they can be combined to make you stand out. Every day. Every single hour of the day. It’s all about style! The secret is not merely buying fine silver jewelry, but know how to use it and combine it with clothing and other accessories. Your style has to do with what jewelry you wear with what clothes but also which shoes you choose and how you wear your hair. Everything is related.

We can inspire you. Our intention is to provide ideas to women who like to learn how to combine clothes, accessories and jewelry. Or learn about the latest trends. And then again there are so many of you out there who would like to know more about the safety of jewelry,  the line of production, or the origins of the raw materials. Retailers would like to get informed about styles, fashion shifts, currents and everything about fashion jewelry. After all, trends change over the years.

Why should you care about the changing fashion jewelry trends?

lifestyleEach fashion era marks a period. From the Art Deco luxury in the 1920s to today’s trends, jewelry has made a journey. The geometric pendants left room for the dominance of pearls and diamonds till rebellious chokers took over. At one point, bracelets were worn over sleeves, a single earing was enough and a string of pearls was all a woman wanted to make a statement. Throughout this course, materials changed too. From silver jewelry and colorful glass to wood and paper, quite everything has been used.

What’s important is that fashion jewelry has a tendency of repeating itself. Old ideas and trends are recycled. New ideas are born. Jewelry ranges from slim to huge and is worn in different ways to define different styles. And all this way, the individuality of each woman is what matters most. Jewelry becomes your best friend only when it defines your personal style.

Perhaps it’s time to rediscover your own style! Or find whether stones or silver suits you best! Either way, inspirational ideas are on your way right here with us! Stay tuned for the best of the fashion and jewelry world!