Best Time to Order Jewelry Wholesale

Wholesale Jewelry

One of the best strategies to increase profit at your retail store is to know when to make a wholesale order. Now when it comes to ordering wholesale silver jewelry, there are some considerations.

  1. Although the price of minimum order is low, the cost of wholesale jewelry is also low. And while this is excellent for your pocket, you need to add a lot of items to your cart to make the minimum order. But how about if you don’t need so many items? How about if you just ran out of some items but want to get more because they are your best sellers?
  2. Sometimes, you don’t get to choose the time to place a silver jewelry wholesale order. Take, for example, the holidays. Most orders for Christmas jewelry are made right after fall – October or November max.
  3. When the retail store is small or it mainly sells other products and the silver jewelry is supplementary, retailers cannot make bulk orders since they may not have the place to store the excess items. Same thing with seasonal jewelry. If you basically sell children’s clothes and just want to keep some kid’s jewelry on the side, you are forced to buy by season or whenever you run out of items unless you have enough storage space.

On the other hand, there are solutions to all such considerations. Let’s take things from scratch. Shall we?

  1. Yes, it takes quite a few items to make the minimum silver jewelry wholesale order. But then again, ifsilver rings you consider that you will want to get some best sellers and some new arrivals, the minimum order is achieved before you say Jack.
  2. It’s fair to say that new wholesale jewelry comes out, especially before the big holidays. But you can buy the main Christmas order when you find some deals and decide on whether you want to fill in some new arrivals at the very last minute depending on how the store goes.
  3. Although those with limited space in the store have a hard time storing items, the pieces of jewelry are so small that can be stored quite easily.

It’s likely evident that what we try to say is that making bulk orders is one good strategy for a higher profit margin. And although this seems to have nothing to do with the when to make an order, it is closely related. Let us explain.

Buy wholesale jewelry on sale

It makes sense to say that the best time to place a wholesale jewelry order is during periods of sales – summer sales, for example. These are the off-seasons for all merchandisers, jewelry wholesalers included. These are actually the best times to get items for the whole year and all seasons. What do you gain from that?

Of course, you gain from buying at much lower jewelry wholesale prices. Think of that too: if you usually buy Halloween jewelry or jewelry for Saint Patrick’s Day, you can buy them now and much cheaper. Another benefit of doing so is that you won’t be forced to buy just before an event – be it Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Mother’s Day.  Because if you do, you will likely get more than the event jewelry – retailers are like consumers when they make wholesale orders; they are carried away by all the nice things they see and want more. This way, you will be saving money too while you will be spending less by buying everything you need in sales.

Why making bulk jewelry wholesale orders is good for business

Let us now explain the importance of bulk silver jewelry wholesale orders. When you buy on sale and youwholesale jewelry supplier order bulk, you have a double gain. That’s assuming that the wholesale jewelry supplier provides volume discounts. If this is so, you can buy cheaper and see your final bill go even lower due to the volume discount. How great is that?

Buy when you find deals and offers on wholesale silver jewelry

Another great time to buy is when you find deals and offers. Be alert to some hot deals around the year and save 20% or 30% on some items. You actually save even more – often 50%, when you find a clearance sale on selected items. Once again, if you buy bulk, you get more and pay less. And you can get items for all holidays throughout the year – at least, the small ones. Now the advantage of all that is that when you buy bulk, you may also get free shipping. Most suppliers ship orders for free over a certain price. And so, you will have a good stock of silver jewelry bought at a very low price, without paying for anything else.