The Ultimate Guide for Wearing Jewelry


I don’t care what anyone else may say. Jewelry is art. And like many forms of art, there are rules you should stick to if you want others to appreciate it. There isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” rule for jewelry. There are many settings in which you wear jewelry. With each setting, comes a different set of guidelines. But generally, you will want people’s attention to be caught by one piece in particular. Don’t wear a giant necklace along with an elaborate ring. People won’t know where to look!


When you are wearing jewelry on the daily, you don’t want to overdo it. Actually, you never want to overdo it. But daytime especially! In choosing your outfit, grab some simple jewelry. A simple ring on your finger. A watch on your wrist to keep it classy. Perhaps a small choker or necklace if you are wearing a plain top.

At work

When you’re at work, it’s a more professional setting than going to the grocery store or grabbing an afternoon matinee. Keeping that in mind, you’ve got to wear your jewelry accordingly. With work, there isn’t one specific rule to go by because there are so many different types of jobs. For conservative jobs, you’ll definitely want to keep it classy and minimal. Stud earrings are a good look. For more toned-down work environments, feel free to break out some creative looks. Hoop earrings and fun bracelets can work well. Just don’t wear anything that’s too distracting.


After hours

Even when you are going out with friends or attending a party, there will still be some guidelines to keep in mind. If you’re wearing a plunging neckline, it may be best to forgo a necklace. You’ll have enough going on there and you don’t want to detract from that. Big rings, shiny necklaces, loud bracelets. The whole shebang. Just try not to mix silver with gold. It’s fun to mix colors, but keep in mind that the goal is to complement your outfit and not overwhelm it.

Listen to your gut when it comes to jewelry. For some women, long necklaces will look absolutely stunning. For others, it’ll be a complete no-go. You may want to go all out with black jewelry while others prefer to keep it colorful. With every outfit, you’ll have many different options to pair jewelry. Before you leave the house, try combinations of different jewelry. If you’re really doubtful, send pictures of your ensemble to your friends or partner. Never underestimate a second opinion!