How to Increase Jewelry Online Sales during the Pandemic

COVID-19 has deeply affected our lives, changed the way we behave as consumers, and shaken the very foundations of the world economy.

They say, during disasters and wars, some take advantage of situations, some thrive, some vanish from the financial map. During the pandemic, we noticed a great swift toward online purchases and consequently, the growth of online stores – jewelry online stores included.

That’s good news. It means that despite the pandemic, the economy has survived. There’s just a swift in the consumers’ habits and an inclination to shop online rather than going to the physical stores. Although that’s inspiring, it creates a new economic uncertainty. That of the high competition.

When it comes to online jewelry stores, the competition was already high in the pre-COVID-19 period. Now that the number of players is increased, one keeps wondering how to increase the jewelry online sales!

The best way to see the jewelry online sales skyrocketed? Listen to the consumers

Sometimes, the solutions are close but our minds myopic and cannot see them. When there’s an anxiety about the future of one’s online store, the simplest way to find solutions is to examine what or who affects the business’s sales!

You already know the answer. The consumers.

And so, increasing the online sales of a jewelry store starts by examining the behavior, the traits, the demands, and the habits of the consumers in a particular period of time.

During the lock down period and when the physical stores were closed, the consumers were obliged to change their behavior. First of all, to get food and all the essentials in the home. They had to buy online, there was no other option.

What’s interesting is that this behavior hasn’t changed much when the physical stores reopened. What’s even more surprising is that according to a study conducted by an eCommerce expert company, only a tiny percentage of consumers plan to return to their pre-lockdown shopping habits, revealing a higher (than before the COVID-19) tendency toward online shopping.

This also shows the negative effects of the pandemic on the retail stores – the physical stores.

It paints the picture of our economic world in the near future since the doors are unlocked at this point, but the threat of the coronavirus is still here. And not just that. There are worries about a repeat – even worse, wave of coronavirus cases and that deeply affects the behavior of consumers. Simply put, the fear of getting sick will urge consumers to keep shopping online.

What happens at this point is this. The competition between online stores increases since they all try to get another piece of the pie, while the consumers are inclined to go with the store that will provide the best in everything: deals, quality, customer service – the whole package.

So, here’s your answer. In order to increase the jewelry online sales during the pandemic, you need to listen to the consumer.

What do the consumers say? What do they want?

  • Excellent customer service

The customer service has always been the determinant of a business’s future. And that involves anything from the quality of the jewelry supplies to the way you talk to the customer over the phone. Whether or not you respond quickly to messages. If you lie or are honest. People may forgive a mistake, but never discrepancies or bad behavior.

  • Free shipping

Free shipping is key to driving more consumers to your online store (and keeping them there). Not everyone makes a huge order. And they certainly don’t want to pay more for the shipping than the bracelet, ring, or pendant.

  • Free returns

Having the chance to return items without paying is a great shopping driver. It is a demand only a few will admit, but everyone would appreciate.

  • Gift ideas

Who would buy online jewelry? Most likely, someone who wants to get an engagement ring. Or someone who wants to get gifts for the family or close friends. Limited options won’t help you increase sales. It’s noticed that most consumers are inclined to shop (and often shop more) when they are offered many options among products and also, gift ideas.

  • Safety

All COVID concerns have to do with our safety, our health. We cannot sneeze, touch, cough, breathe without worrying. You need to be sure all items are safe and ensure customers that you adhere to all guidelines.

  • Product safety/Secure payment

Choose your wholesale jewelry supplier carefully. What you get from the jewelry wholesaler is what you offer as a retailer to your consumers. All items must be nickel & lead free, and absolutely safe. Same for the payment environment. The consumers are happier when they are offered several payment options and know they can pay in a secure environment. That’s paramount.

  • Offers/sales

The cost of wholesale fashion jewelry affects the price the consumer ends up paying. First, make sure you buy rather cheap wholesale jewelry so that you will have the chance to keep the retail prices low. That’s a purchase driver too. Then, remember that consumers love offers. They love sales. They love reading the word “clearance” and still, browsing through quality items.

  • Make a user-friendly site

How easy is it to navigate on your site? Can the consumers easily find all jewelry categories? Are the images clear, and the content good and easy to read? If they have to take forever to see what you sell or the images are not attractive, you won’t keep customers – let alone increase your sales. So, start from there. After all, it’s all about building and projecting the right image.