Septums Rings- The Piercing Industry Latest Trend


One of the latest trends in the piercing industry is septum rings. It’s funny to think that they were once frowned upon by so many who deemed them “unladylike” or “bovine”. Thanks to the magic of multiple awesome retailers, there is a myriad of septum rings — real and faux — available to any customer. While faux septum rings are great to spice up an outfit in a pinch, the decision to indulge in the real thing can be difficult to make. Honestly, I think there are far more pros than cons to having a septum ring!

Minimal pain

facial_piercingsWhile many piercings could be sore for weeks and months before completely healing up, septums are incredibly easy to handle during the healing process. When you first get pierced, you’ll begin to tear up. This is natural and extremely common when getting a piercing in your nose. After the piercing begins to settle, it may feel like the area around your nose is tight. It could feel strange attempting a smile. But not to worry! Before you know it, your septum will hardly hurt anymore. Within a handful of weeks, your septum will feel a lot better. Your smile won’t feel weird. But you’ll still have to be gentle. It’s not completely healed up just yet!

Septum piercings won’t leave visible scars

The trouble with is that when you’re tired of them and take them out, they leave small dents in your face. That is never a fun time. But with septum piercings, all the scarring is on the inside. No one will ever know how hard you rocked a septum back in the day if you decide to take it out far into the future. Unless they stalk your Instagram of course…

Septum piercings can suit any style

Do you prefer the minimalistic approach to fashion? Perhaps you like your jewelry to make a statement? Maybe you want black jewelry to match your wardrobe? There are septum piercings to fit any fancy. There are small hoops that can be delicately tucked right under your nose. They’re barely visible and are super dainty. There are large, gold, tribal pieces that are sure to make you stand out. There are even black metal and acrylic options that will be a bold contrast to other lighter metals. You just have to find your style and then jump right in!

Re-learning how to sneeze

So, it isn’t the sneezing part that becomes difficult. It’s after you sneeze and you have to blow your nose. This is genuinely the only consistent con I can think of. Yes, it can be a pain to keep clean and healthy and non-crusty. Yes, it can be sore after piercing (what piercing isn’t?). But whenever you sneeze and blow your nose, you have to delicately swipe around your septum ring to make sure nothing remains behind. Because that is not a cute look for anyone. So if you are committed to getting a septum piercing, be committed to taking extra good care of it when you have allergies or a bad cold.

You’re the boss of you! You’re gonna decide whether you’re gonna dive into getting this fabulous piercing. Obviously, I am super biased. The reason for that is probably because I am deeply in love with my septum piercing. But it’s not for everyone! Another con is that you may love it to death, but your friends may not be into it at all. One of my good friends kept wanting to grab it off my face so I wouldn’t look like a cow. Awkward. Hopefully you’ll have better feedback!