Wholesale Silver Bracelets You’ll Love in 2018


To satisfy your jewelry fix, this year’s bracelets are showing design influences from all over the globe. From exotic shells and Eastern charms to metallic bangles, there’s an abundance of bracelets to explore. Or if you’re a trendsetter at heart, you may want to experiment with the array of futuristic designs that are sweeping the runways. Ultimately, there’s something for everyone– even the pickiest accessory queen. We’ve listed the hottest wholesale silver bracelets you’ll love in 2018.

Huge and chunky

Accessory Trends Fall Winter 2017-18

Large and statement-worthy, chunky bracelets are the way to go. What they offer in weight, they match in prestige, making them a must-have for your ensembles. Yet, be cautioned, this type of bracelet usually fetches a fair cost– go for the wholesale silver bracelet version.

These bracelets can vary in detail, ranging from clean and simple to beautifully elaborate. It’s best to coordinate them based on the complexity of your outfit. As a rule of thumb, if your outfit features various patterns and layers, go for a simple chunky bracelet and if your outfit is plainer, you can don flashier versions.

Layered bracelets


Why stop at just one? Good news for chronic bracelet addicts, you’re now invited to boldly pile them all together! Fun, right?  You can affordably create a variety of combinations by choosing different wholesale silver bracelets within the same theme. You can stay with similar patterns or go with color families like metallics and earth tones. Muted shades are easiest to match as they won’t be too distracting with your other accessories. The only hard part will be having to choose just a few (#fashionproblems).



Let your cuffs do the talking! Hefty and fierce, cuffs are strong in the language of fashion. They instantly give your style some edge, spicing up your going-out look. Think of this trend as a spin on the Amazonian woman. With her forearms covered in armor, you’re encouraged to embrace a similar motif with cuffs. You can get as elaborate as you like with them, either going for medium sized cuffs or huge battle-inspired ones. The options are lush and their fashion powers are fierce– it’s time to express your inner warrior princess.

Chains and charms galore


Putting a twist on classic chains and charms, the ones in 2018 are even cooler. Layered with multiple rows of rope-like brands and jewels, they evoke a mystical bohemian vibe. Plunge into the world of shamans, healers and voodoo, to appreciate the deeper inspiration behind these designs. You can design your own version, similar to the ones shown on the runways, by custom-picking your own wholesale silver chains and charms.  Keep to the theme of spiritual jewelry by choosing symbolic pieces such as stars or crosses.

Abstract bracelets


Feeling creative this year? Abstract art is leaking into bracelet designs. They’re showing tons of expressive touches: gem clusters, embossed metal, dangling fragments and random odd pieces. You can have the runway look for less by going for wholesale silver bracelets featuring abstract designs. The more artistic, the better! But most importantly, you’ll want to find ones that compliment your personal style.

There’s no denying that jewelry’s a lot more interesting this year. Be daring or  subtle as you like, putting together pieces that genuinely speak to you. If you’re on a budget, but you’ve got expensive taste, you can opt for wholesale silver bracelets, offering a wider selection with bargain prices.