The Art of Buying Wholesale Silver Jewelry for Great Sales

wholesale silver jewelry

Buying wholesale silver jewelry involves much more than just throwing items in your cart and paying the bill. Assuming you expect to gain, you need to orchestrate your decisions to reach your goal – unless you are Gastone and all steps you take lead to the road of success. But how about if you are Donald?

Seriously, now, the market is quite unpredictable. All retailers and wholesale jewelry suppliers that have struggled – even for a while, know that. You do your best to attract more customers and wonder why you haven’t succeeded! While there’s no fixed recipes for success, there’s a pattern you may want to follow – that’s when it comes to choosing wholesale jewelry. Should we take a look?

Before you buy jewelry wholesale, identify your target group

Get to know your consumers before you buy jewelry wholesale. Each region is different. Every community has a different geography of people. You need to study your community, evaluate how many customers you have from other areas, make a note of what they ask for. It’s helpful to make a list of their characteristics. Are they young? Elderly? Do they mostly want children’s jewelry? Long story short, you need to identify your target group – age, style, budget limitations. Once you know your customers – existing or potential, you can buy wholesale jewelry to their liking.

Get specialized, no need to reach for the stars

What’s your business? Is it a retail store with kids’ jewelry only? Are you selling women’s clothes and decided to add some items of jewelry too? Remember your identity. It’s one thing to sell jewelry exclusively and a different story to have a corner with some items of silver jewelry. In the case of the former, you surely want a wide range of options, covering the needs of all customers in your neighborhood. In the case of the latter, you want jewelry that will complement your outfits and match your target group’s style and age. What’s the point of having kids’ jewelry if you sell women clothes?

Then again, the pieces of jewelry you buy should be enough to give your customers plenty of options. You may not want to overstock jewelry, but you need to have a sufficient number of rings, pendants, charms, and bracelets to attract the attention of your customers.

Invest in quality wholesale jewelry, only

Never underestimate quality. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why your current customers will return to you for more jewelry supplies. Overall, sterling silver jewelry is not expensive. But this doesn’t mean that your customers want to buy cheap quality. It’s vital to pay attention to the quality of the jewelry you buy. You may seek cheap wholesale jewelry prices, but you don’t want cheap quality. Make sure all items are 100% safe and also, hypoallergenic – even more, when it comes to children’s jewelry.

The more jewelry items you buy, the more you sell

Get quite a collection for your retail store. While quality matters enormously, the quantity of the wholesale beads, rings, bracelets, necklaces and all items you order will make a difference in the eyes of the customer. Consumers have a tendency to shop more when they are provided with many options.

cheap wholesale jewelry

Make volume jewelry wholesale orders to gain even more

The wholesale sterling silver jewelry cost is low. You don’t pay a fortune to fill your store. Of course, you don’t sell expensive either. And that’s a good thing because your customers can buy more items without spending much. But how about if you could get a really nice discount on your wholesale jewelry order and thus, gain more from selling later? That can happen by making volume orders.

Renew your store’s jewelry collection frequently

Consumers buy more when they see a lot of jewelry items and they buy soon again if they see new pieces at your store. If they come back and don’t see anything different, chances are that they won’t buy and they won’t return again. But if they see new jewelry items every time they visit your retail store, they will want to come back as often as possible not to miss a chance. Why miss yours?