Necklace Chokers Wholesale

You will find a huge variety of chokers wholesale at our company. From elegant velvet to modern plastic and sterling silver, our entire necklaces wholesale collection is made of safe materials that won't cause a health problem. Our chokers come alone or are embellished with beautiful charms. The colors vary and so is the style to suit the expectations of all your customers. Get the quality you can trust at sterling silver necklaces wholesale prices that will allow you to expand your profit margin. Not only does our necklaces supplier keep the prices down, but offers volume discounts too. Make a large order over $499 to get free shipping too. With the variety of our jewelry, this is easy to do. The quality of all chokers at our silver necklaces supplier highlights the durability of our products. They are all inexpensive, but not cheap. You always get quality wholesale chokers when shopping at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale. 

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Moon - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34709

Silver Moon Choker with Cubic Zirconia..


162 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal

Shell - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34708

Silver Shell Choker..


321 item(s) in stock

Moon And Star - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34702

Silver Moon and Star Choker with Cubic Zirconia..


261 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal

Round - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34700

Silver Round Choker with Cubic Zirconia..


511 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal

Heart - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34699

Silver Heart Choker with Cubic Zirconia..


263 item(s) in stock
CZ Garnet

Feather - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34694

Silver Feather Choker..


220 item(s) in stock

Cross - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34693

Silver Cross Choker..


56 item(s) in stock

Cross - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34692

Silver Cross Choker..


207 item(s) in stock

Star - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34691

Silver Star Choker..


524 item(s) in stock

Rose - 925 Sterling Silver Chokers SD34690

Silver Rose Choker..


408 item(s) in stock
30 %
Hamsa - Velvet Chokers SD34525

Hamsa - Velvet Chokers SD34525

Silver Hamsa Choker with Cubic Zirconia..

$4.38 $6.26

10 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal
30 %
Teardrop - Velvet Chokers SD34059

Teardrop - Velvet Chokers SD34059

Silver Teardrop Choker with Opal..

$4.80 $6.85

40 item(s) in stock
Pacific Blue
30 %
Key - Velvet Chokers SD33999

Key - Velvet Chokers SD33999

Silver Key Choker with Cubic Zirconia..

$4.48 $6.41

63 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal

Tree Of Life - Velvet Chokers SD33993

Silver Tree Of Life Choker..


74 item(s) in stock
20 %
Leaf - Velvet Chokers SD33987

Leaf - Velvet Chokers SD33987

Silver Leaf Choker..

$5.09 $6.36

28 item(s) in stock

Angle - Velvet Chokers SD33986

Silver Angle Choker..


12 item(s) in stock