Promoting human rights, social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and responsible sourcing is all part of our company's culture. At We Silver Jewelry, we view corporate responsibility from different angles. We like to keep our customers happy and their customers safe without burdening our employees, putting extra strains on the environment, or using conflict materials. Our high ethical stance underlines our values and the transparency of the entire supply chain.

We Care about Human Rights

Responsible sourcing means buying minerals from regions, where the human rights are fully respected. We never buy minerals from conflict areas, where armed rebel groups abuse the local people to promote their own interests and gain money to reinforce their violent acts. Our silver comes from conflict-free areas while there is a very strict quality control of the process of refining pure silver into 925 silver and until it arrives in our factory in Thailand, where is stamped and cast into our wholesale jewelry.

We Care about Our Customers

We only use 925 sterling silver for the production of our wholesale jewelry. 999 or pure silver is never used for the manufacturing of jewelry because it is too soft and thus not suitable. Silver is refined and alloyed with copper, zinc, or platinum to make it strong while keeping its natural elegance. Our jewelry is resilient to scratches and damage and is stamped so that our customers will be sure they buy 925 sterling silver jewelry. On top of that, our jewelry is absolutely safe. All units are free of nickel, lead, and any other unsafe mineral. Not only do we comply with all international regulations but work with organizations to test & evaluate our products and ensure their complete safety and our compliance to all standards.

We Care about Our Employees

As advocates of the human rights, we here at WSJ care enormously about all our employees in the supply chain. We understand the importance of secure and safe working environments and strive hard to maintain them in the best conditions and thus prevent accidents. A decent workplace, where all staff members are treated with dignity, is integral to our company's culture. At the same time, we know that proper customer service starts inside the company. And so we provide ongoing training to our staff to bring them up to speed with everything new in the market and thus improve our services to you.
We Care about the Environment
Our business strategy is aligned with environmental sustainability in an effort to preserve our planet. Our whole supply chain is managed in a way to minimize carbon emissions, use energy smartly and save water. We believe that a collective work yields the best results. And so, we all work as a team to protect the environment today to keep enjoying tomorrow.
As a business, we have many responsibilities toward the society, our workforce, our customers, and the environment. And so, we work consciously today and never stop thinking of innovative ideas that will better promote a greener future for all.