18K Rose Gold Plated Wholesale Jewelry

The sweet color of our 18K rose gold plated wholesale jewelry is appealing to most people. It's trendy and easily worn by most people. When you shop online at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale, you don't worry about finding variations among designs and jewelry. We provide a large range of wholesale 18K rose gold plated rings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, and more. With our factory direct wholesale pricing, you pay less and trust a jewelry supplier that sticks to all safety regulations to ensure high quality pieces of jewelry. Not only will our products steal the hearts of your customers but will urge them to come back for more. Made with 925 sterling silver, our wholesale jewelry is safe and of the greatest quality possible. The low jewelry wholesale price is also intriguing since you can buy more and keep the prices at your store lower. Our wholesale 18K rose gold plated jewelry is embraced by many people for the top-notch quality and affordable price. Place your order today and our 18K rose gold plated wholesale supplier will ship quickly. 

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