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Our athletics games jewelry wholesale section features many trendy designs. These designs are based on the world's most popular sports. You'll see jewelry with trinkets. These include basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and much more. We Silver Jewelry Wholesale always offers low prices on quality items. We offer charms, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Our jewelry is always made in 925 sterling silver or durable steel. These athletics games jewelry can be found in our theme jewelry wholesale section. Our website is set up for the large or small business owner. You’re sure to find perfect pieces to compliment any inventory. Buy in bulk, mixing and matching from different themes and styles. Make us your athletics games jewelry wholesale supplier.


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Gymnastics Girl - 925 Sterling Silver Kids Jewelry Sets SD34207

Silver Gymnastics Girl Ear Studs on Pretty Princess Card..


19 item(s) in stock

Roller Skate - 925 Sterling Silver Kids Ear Studs SD33571

Children's Silver Roller Skate Ear Studs with Epoxy..


573 item(s) in stock

Ballet Dancer - 925 Sterling Silver Kids Ear Studs SD33522

Children's Silver Ballet Dancer Ear Studs with Epoxy..


12 item(s) in stock

Bicycle - 925 Sterling Silver Kids Plain Ear Studs SD32171

Children's Silver Bicycle Ear Studs..


1 item(s) in stock

Cheerleader - 925 Sterling Silver Kids Ear Studs SD31255

Children's Silver Cheerleader Ear Studs with Other..


50 item(s) in stock