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At We Silver Jewelry, we care about the way our customers display our wholesale jewelry in their store. And so we have created beautiful display cards for you. Proper packaging helps you display studs, earrings, necklaces and all our jewelry wholesale collection in an easy way and thus make a good presentation in your shop. Jewelry packaging is often a great choice for your customers in search of smart gift ideas too. Our display cards are unique and stand out for their charm. Browse to check out packaging that feature motivational quotes, inspiration words, Christmas stockings, unicorn images, or happy Valentine's Day wishes. Offered in 5 pieces each, our wholesale jewelry packaging will help you get organized without a hassle. Take a look today.

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Christmas Stocking Ear Studs Cards - Paper Stud Earring Sets SD35818

Christmas Stocking Ear Studs Cards..


91 item(s) in stock

Ear Studs And Necklace Card - Paper Packaging SD34090

Ear Studs and Necklace Card..


280 item(s) in stock

Card For 3 Pairs Of Ear Studs - Paper Packaging SD34088

Card for 3 pairs of ear studs..


902 item(s) in stock