The black patina of oxidized jewelry makes these pieces unique, allowing the decorative gemstones and pearls pop too. What is oxidized silver jewelry? It's sterling silver jewelry processed to purposely have this superb tarnish look. We Silver Jewelry Wholesale combines safety and beauty, while offering pieces with the oxidized process really intense or with a slight patina look. The range of oxidized jewelry is wide, as it includes earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets in antique-style designs that will suit the taste of your customers, in spite of age, gender, and preferences. If your intention is to buy oxidized jewelry wholesale, now is your chance to get fabulous designs, exceptional quality, and that vintage appearance your customers will easily pick for themselves and for gifts, at fabulous prices too. Why don't you check out the oxidized jewelry items now?

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Dolphin - 925 Sterling Silver Simple Rings SD44939



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