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Playful and safe, our characters jewelry wholesale collection is more than meets the eye. At We Silver Jewelry Wholesale, you will find 925 sterling silver signs, letters, symbols, numbers and many characters. From charms to necklaces, they are designed to steal impressions and crafted with attention to detail. All pieces are durable, safe, and long-lasting. Give your customers a reason to laugh and a reason to buy. Shop wholesale characters jewelry from our online store to grow your sales. You get the best quality jewelry from our wholesaler while the low prices will amaze you. This is your chance to make a bulk jewelry wholesale order, pay less, and earn more. Who can turn their back to this opportunity? With so many characters jewelry pieces, you will easily fill your cart with a $499 order and thus benefit from our free shipping too. Time to have some fun & profit too? Check out our characters jewelry wholesale collection. 

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Chinese Symbol - 925 Sterling Silver Simple Rings SD47215



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