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Whether plain or embellished with crystal ornaments, our titanium ear studs wholesale line is not only attractive but one of the most resistant pieces of jewelry you can place in your store. With experience in the field of sterling silver jewelry and deep respect to the expectations and demands of our customers, we use titanium for ear studs and sell at very competitive jewelry wholesale prices. Due to its elegant white-silver appearance, titanium is preferred by both men and women. The advantage of getting wholesale titanium ear studs is the affordable prices and your ability to sell these pieces of jewelry to a large range of customers. Titanium is resistant, long-lasting, biocompatible, stylish, and durable. When you shop at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale, you invest in products that will be widely acceptable by everyone and will make a difference in your store. Easy to wear, match, and fit, our wholesale titanium ear studs are found in several designs and are sold at very low factory direct wholesale prices. So reach out to our titanium ear studs wholesale supplier to sign up and place your order. 

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Titanium Round Ear Studs With Crystal  - Titanium Titanium Ear Studs SD38449



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5mm Ball - Titanium Titanium Ear Studs SD33177

Titanium 5mm Ball Ear Studs..


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4mm Ball - Titanium Titanium Ear Studs SD33176

Titanium 4mm Ball Ear Studs..


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3mm Ball - Titanium Titanium Ear Studs SD33175

Titanium 3mm Ball Ear Studs..


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Square - Titanium Titanium Ear Studs SD31884

Titanium Square Ear Studs with Crystal..


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