24K Gold Plated Jewelry Wholesale

Quality is not negotiable at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Our entire 24K gold plated wholesale line is made of 925 sterling silver. Attention is given to details for gold plated jewelry that will stand out and make a statement in your retail store. We offer a range of adult and kids wholesale 24K gold plated jewelry. Feel free to add ear studs, earrings, pendants, and simple or ornamented rings to your cart. Not only does our 24K gold plated wholesale supplier adheres to all international safety standards but provides beautiful designs in all styles and at factory direct wholesale prices. Whether you want more bracelets for charms, rings, or earrings, you can take your pick among unique designs that will have an appeal to a large number of people. Be sure that our payment method is secure and our jewelry supplier ships within 48 hours. Buy your wholesale 24K gold plated jewelry from us to save money and receive high-quality jewelry. 

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