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Available in many sizes and styles, our cuff earrings wholesale collection will suit the demands of all customers at your store. Choose our sterling silver ear studs supplier to get quality products at the best wholesale rates. Our cuff ear studs wholesale line includes plain and beautiful ornamented pieces made of 925 sterling silver for your peace of mind. At our ear studs supplier, you buy quality without paying much. Best value for money. Get the best deals and earn more by making a large sterling silver ear studs wholesale order to profit from our volume discounts. Some cuff earrings are discreet while others embrace most part of the ear for a bold statement. The shapes, sizes, styles, and designs are plenty to keep all your customers happy and help you to easily fill your cart to benefit from our free shipping for orders over $499. The deals have no ending here at We Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Why miss them? Checkout cuff earrings wholesale in a secure way today. 

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82 items

Cross - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD36480

Silver Cross Ear Cuff..


507 item(s) in stock

Star - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD35628

Silver Star Ear Cuff with Crystal..


54 item(s) in stock
Black Diamond

Double Line - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD35593

Silver Double Line Ear Cuff ..


54 item(s) in stock

Sparkling - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD34955

Silver Sparkling Ear Cuff with Crystal..


17 item(s) in stock

Basic - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD34642

Silver Basic Ear Cuff ..


92 item(s) in stock

Crown - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD33799

Silver Crown Ear Cuff..


51 item(s) in stock

Flower - 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings SD33001

Silver Flower Ear Cuff..


34 item(s) in stock